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And God Cried
This treatise considers the scriptures that reveal the tenderness of God’s fatherly love as He shares the suffering of His children. The question, Why does God permit evil?, is scripturally answered, ending with the wonderful promise that evil will come to an end during God’s Kingdom on earth.
(55 pages) 75˘

Can We Identify Antichrist?
How can we identify the Antichrist, the Man of Sin, which must come before Jesus Christ can return for his Bride, his Church? When then can John's prayer representing the longings of the Church for centuries be answered?
(64 pages) 75˘
Church Union and the Antichrist
A concise treatment of the ecumenical movement and its implications for all Christians today.
(20 pages) 75˘
  Creation Triumphs Over Evolution
The claims and effects of Darwinian evolution are discussed and contrasted with Biblical Creation. Molecular evidence, fine-tuned parameters for life on earth, creative day length, facts vs.  theories.
(68 pages) 75˘
Do We all Worship The Same God?
A Cultural Revolution is creeping across our country. We are in a fundamentally different religious environment from what our grandparents or even our parents encountered. No longer can we think and speak in terms of a Christian society. This booklet examines the impact this Cultural Revolution is having on Christians.
(39 pages) 75˘
The Doctrine of Christ
A scholarly treatise on the doctrine of the Trinity, tracing its origin to ancient Egypt. Views of the early Church Fathers on the subject examined and its development in church councils. 78 Scripture passages examined.
(80 pages) $1.00
Early Christian View of War
And Military Service

A historical review of early Christian opposition to military service and a scriptural discussion of pacifist principles.
No longer available in printed form.
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The Great Pyramid: 
Ancient Wonder, Modern Mystery

Illustrated treatise of the history and significance of this fascinating structure and its corroboration of the plan of God. Diagrams of interior passageways. The companion publication to the video by the same name listed in our video section.
(37 pages) $1.00
How to Study the Bible 
And have it Make Sense

Gives principles helpful to Bible study, with an explanation of how to use a Strong’s Concordance and other Bible study techniques.
(29 pages) 75˘
I Will Come Again
Presents a scholarly approach to the subject of our Lord’s return. Lists the current signs of Christ’s return, including the reestablishment of Israel.
(79 pages) 75˘
Israel: A Nation of Miracles
Reviews the thrilling events leading up to the establishment of Israel as a nation. Discusses to whom the land belongs from God’s viewpoint, as well as the ultimate destiny of Israel in God’s Plan for all people: Christian, Arab and Jew.
(25 pages) 75˘

The Israeli-Arab Peace Process
And Bible Prophecy

An Open Letter from Christians to Christians citing Biblical authority for supporting the Jews’ rights to disputed land.
(56 pages) 75˘

The Time to Favor Zion Is Come
Proves from the Old Testament scriptures that modern day Israel’s existence and prosperity are the fulfillment of prophecies written thousands of years ago.
(31 pages) 75˘
What is this World Coming To?
Examines the outcome of present world troubles with chapters on Daniel 12, why God permits evil, and the call of the Church.
(39 pages) 75˘
Where are the Dead?
Examines every Scripture in the Old and New Testaments that contain the word "hell." Original Greek and Hebrew definitions.
(105 pages) 75˘
Why are You a Christian?
Discusses the purpose of the Christian Walk and the preparation of the Christian for future service to the world during Christ’s reign over the earth.
(28 pages) 75˘

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