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Man of Sin

John Paul II
Esteemed World Statesman

When John Paul speaks world leaders listen. Why is the Pope speaking at the UN? The UN is a forum for leaders of governments, not churches. Why is President Clinton making a special trip to have a private meeting with the Pope? All heads of state are eager to meet with Pope John Paul II (Time, August 23, 1993). Why? Because he is not just the head of a church, the Vatican is the capital of the Papal State. The Vatican claims to be both the spiritual and civil Kingdom of God on earth. Through his priesthood, the Pope has an intelligence-gathering network that is the envy of every government. John Paul II plays power politics with a skill that awes world leaders. Nations are anxious to exchange ambassadors with the Vatican.

 Pope John Paul and former President Reagan successfully plotted the downfall of the Communist Empire (Time, February 24, 1992). During this clandestine campaign, Archbishop Pio Lashi said to the U.S. diplomat, Vernon Walters, “It is a very complex situation . . . listen to the Holy Father (Pope).  We have 2,000 years experience at this.” It was further observed, “Step by reluctant step, the Soviets and the Communist government of Poland bowed to the pressure imposed by the Pope and the President.”

 A New World Order

In his book, The Keys of this Blood — Pope John Paul II Versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order, Dr. Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider, friend and advisor to Pope John Paul, defines this New World Order as follows:

“John Paul’s goal is a geopolitical structure for the society of nations designed and maintained according to the ethical plans and doctrinal outlines of Christianity as taught and propagated by the Roman pontiff as the Vicar of Christ.”

The following statement of John Paul appeared in the New York Times, April 21, 1990: “A united Europe is no longer a dream.  It is not utopian memory from the Middle Ages.  The events that we are witnessing show that this goal can be reached.” 

Papacy’s claim to be the Kingdom of God on earth reached its zenith during this Holy Roman Empire. The Pope wants to again establish the Holy Roman Empire. The Pope’s title, Vicar of Christ means ruling on earth in place of Christ. No matter how altruistic the motives, many Christians believe any attempt to establish the Kingdom of God before Christ's return is identified in Scripture as the work of “antichrist.”

In the Bible, the Greek word translated antichrist means instead of Christ, not against Christ.  This fact motivated Luther and other reformers to identify the Papacy as the “little horn” of Daniel 7 & 8 and the antichrist “beast” of Revelation 13. This historic Protestant view holds that antichrist is a system, not an individual, which thrives during the Christian Age.