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Israel 60 Years

A Nation of Miracles


Israel Is a Blesser Nation Even Now
Before The Lord’s Appointed Time!

The news out of the Middle East tends to be gloomy on a daily basis. Israeli government leaders are outdoing each other in proposing plans for land compromise with Israeli right-wingers seemingly helpless to do anything about it. Articles flood the news media describing the Islamic world’s threats to Israel dripping with bloodcurdling statements from Islamic lips or Koran verses. Some world leaders are beginning to doubt Israel’s right to even exist as a nation. But there is a bright side!

In 2006 one third of Israel was devastated during the Lebanese War by rockets blowing homes and industry to pieces, while the hapless Israelis spent much of their time hovering in bomb shelters. Notwithstanding all of this, Israel continued to be a miracle. Its economy hit an all-time high with the sky as the limit for Israel’s future. After 60 years of miracles, tiny Israel, smaller than New Jersey, is now the hi-tech superpower of the world.

In 2006 Israel’s economy grew by 4.8%, a rate higher than that of any country in the West. Inflation remained at zero and, for the first time, exports exceeded imports by $2.2 billion. Israel’s economy grew more than 5% in 2007—faster than the U.S., Europe, UK and Japan. The Bank of Israel anticipated the country’s fortunes to dip in 2008, along with the world economy. Unexpectedly, the 2008 first quarter growth rose by 5.4%. But the United States is predicted to grow by less than 1%, the EU by 1.2%, Japan by 1%, and the UK by 1.6%. The shekel has overtaken the dollar, euro and other currencies to become the world’s strongest currency!

Forbes business magazine has rated Israel as the world’s most “up-and-coming” real estate market. The number grew by 12% during the last year. Foreign investors accounted for 30% of the luxury market and for more than $1 billion in Israeli real estate, much of it in housing. Israel’s booming real estate market is attracting big-name developers, such as Donald Trump who is planning to erect a 70-story Trump Plaza Tower in Ramat Gan, just west of Tel Aviv. The number of Israeli millionaires per capita is twice the world average.

Israel at 60 is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of the world. Ezekiel 38:12, 13 predicts that Israel will become the economic envy of the nations. Israel with its “out of the envelop” research teams is pushing back the frontiers of electronics, physics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, etc. The world is focused on Israel for its hi-tech needs. And the world is benefiting in many ways. Israel is especially using its technology to assist the underdeveloped nations. Yes, in spite of worldwide Israel-bashing, Israel is impacting and benefiting the world in ways unparalleled by other nations.

Even the flagrant anti-Semitic/anti-Israel European Union cannot resist the magnetic put of Israeli hi-tech products. As Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has observed, ‘the sky is the limit’ for Israeli-European ties. Economic ties are growing as the parties seek to speedily integrate the strong and expanding Israeli economy into the huge European market, according to EU officials. A “business dialogue” has also been established that seeks recommendations on improving the European environment for Israeli businesses. In being part of such a dialogue, Israel enters an exclusive club to which only four other nations—the United States, Russia, India and Japan—belong.

Israel continues to be a “blesser nation” even before “the Law goes forth from Zion and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” While the “hate Israel” media churns out reels of distorted news portraying the abused “Palestinian underdog,” the real Israel is in action. Israel in action provides the answers to every security challenge imaginable for buildings, airports and businesses. The real Israel makes medical discoveries that diagnose illnesses earlier and treats them more effectively. The real Israel contributes more to hi-tech innovation and progress than any other country in the world.

Spreading the wings of relief around the world!

Wherever people in the world have needed help in the past five years, there has been an Israeli humanitarian organization with an outstretched hand. Israeli volunteers helped victims of the deadly Tsunami in South Asia, pitched in after hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Region of the US.

A spokesman from the Myanmar Embassy in Tel Aviv expressed gratitude to the Israeli government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are providing monetary and other assistance to help in the wake of the horrific disaster. Israel’s Foreign Ministry raised $1.5 million to aid earthquake victims in Schezuan province in China. Israel’s latest shipment to China for earthquake victims included 90 tons of medical equipment, water purification systems, emergency generators, tents and clothes.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said, “Israel’s willingness to help out wherever a disaster occurs is an expression of the humanitarian side of Israel’s relations with the rest of the nations in the world.” Israel’s search-and-rescue teams are expert in extracting survivors from rubble and wreckage as their training is meant to deal with missile attacks and earthquake relief. Yes, Israel is involved in numerous ongoing efforts to aid in disasters and to battle disease and poverty around the world.

With Israel’s hi-tech discoveries mushrooming daily, we can only highlight some of the items of the last few years.

Br. Ken Rawson
June 20, 2008