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The United States in Prophecy


January 2004

Generally, Bible believing Christians affirm the US as favored by Divine providence. Some in their ardor would like to craft the US into a vehicle of the church or an ideal of God’s Kingdom even though most realize God’s Kingdom will not begin until the Church of Christ is united with her returned Lord. Isaiah 18, a remarkable prophecy, seems to define the US role in the Divine arrangement. The following is a translation of Isaiah 18:1-2, based on three highly recognized authorities of Biblical Hebrew.

1. Alas oh land [United States] shadowed by wings, which is beyond the river of Ethiopia. 2. That sends heralds, even as books of paper, across large bodies of water, …saying [by it’s favorable laws and Christian preference], Go, you swift messengers, to a nation scattered or dragged and polished by scouring, to a people reverent from their beginning hitherto; a nation measured and trodden down, whose land the river has cut off.

Vs. 1 refers to a “land” or nation under the shadow of wings located “beyond the river of Ethiopia,” or beyond the known world of ancient Bible times. It was a small world back then–Southeastern Europe, Asia Minor, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Beyond that, little was known. Vs. 2 locates this nation beyond a great “body of water.” This is true of the US.

The phase “a nation shadowed [or protected] by wings” certainly is true of the US. The affairs of our nation have been divinely overruled for Christians. Since its founding, the religiously and politically oppressed have been welcomed. Christianity has thrived in this haven of divine providence.

Vs. 2 tells us something additional about the US. From its shores, “messengers” in the form of “printed books” “herald” the Gospel to a “nation.” Who is this nation? Remember 1Peter 2:9 designates the church as the “holy nation.” Isaiah shows this [holy] “nation” or Church is “dragged” or “scattered” around the world and “polished,” that is, made noble by the “scouring” of the Word of truth. Indeed, the Church “reverent from its beginning” endured “trodden down” experiences as “meted or measured out” by the Lord for their character development.

From God’s standpoint, the US is not perfect. Yet it has been a blessed haven of liberty and prosperity for Christians so that they could herald the Truths of God’s Word over the seas and around the world. But times are changing. Since the US became the “lone superpower of the world,” the corroding effects of pride have become evident. This is why Isaiah begins the prophecy with a Hebrew word that can be translated “Woe,” pronouncing calamity. But according to Gesenius (noted Hebrew lexicographer) it sometimes, and probably here, means an exclamation with a touch of pity—alas. The prophet is saddened. The Church, the antitypical Isaiah, is saddened as we see the accumulation of shortcomings tarnishing “America the Beautiful” whom we highly esteem. The following is a partial list.

US Stonewalling on Pollution Problem

The scientific community agrees that greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) largely contribute to global warming. A certain temperature peak would melt the massive icebergs causing a flood that would wipe out coastlines over 20 miles inland. Cities like New York would be destroyed, while large fertile land areas are baked into deserts. Being a nation of SUV gas-guzzling drivers accentuates this problem. Industrial nations like the US cause 75% of the world’s pollution, yet the US reneged on its International commitment to reduce pollution according to Kyoto Protocol criteria.

The Saudi Intrigue

The “US News and World Report” (Dec. 15, 2003) has a nine-page article identifying Saudi Arabia as the main exporter of global terrorism. From 1996 the CIA knew of the export of global terrorism, but chose not to probe. “Vast sums from Saudi contracts bought friends and influence here.” Big Washington names were involved. Many think this US cozy economic relationship with the Saudis provided a “good friendship” cover for the Saudi clandestine exporting of global terrorism.

The fruits of the Saudi support of bin Laden was the 9/11 Twin Towers/Pentagon tragedy in which 15 of the 19 terrorists were Saudis. What acerbates 9/11 is evidence indicates it could have been prevented. President Bush appointed former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean to investigate if 9/11 resulted from any negligence. After reviewing thousands of documents, Kean in a preliminary report of Dec. 18, 2003, stated that there was negligence in the FBI, the CIA, and even the White House. Now, belatedly, the US is forcing the Saudi Government to crack down and eliminate the elements within the Saudi royal family and it’s economic tycoons that finance the exporting of Islamic fundamentalism.

Don’t “spoil” Israel. The US has been Israel’s staunchest friend. But if Arab oil causes the US to force Israel to surrender the West Bank and Gaza, rendering Israel vulnerable to Palestinian attack, then the Lord’s promise of Jeremiah 31:16 will come into play—“they that spoil you [Israel] I will spoil.”

Beating Plowshares into Spears

“For 45 years of the Cold War we were in an arms race with the Soviet Union. Now it appears we’re in an arms race with ourselves.”–Admiral Eugene Carroll, Jr., US Navy (Ret.)

The US will spend $399 billion on defense this year. It is claimed a fraction of this expense could eliminate humanity’s tragedies.

Costs of solving the world’s top global issues:

  • Eliminate Starvation ($19 billion)
  • Provide Shelter ($21 billion)
  • Remove Landmines ($4 billion)
  • Build Democracy ($3 billion)
  • Eliminate Nuclear Weapons ($7 billion)
  • Refugee Relief ($5 billion)
  • Eliminate Illiteracy ($5 billion)
  • Provide Clean, Safe Water ($10 billion)
  • Health Care & AIDS Control ($21 billion)
  • Stop Deforestation ($7 billion)
  • Prevent Global Warming ($8 billion)
  • Stabilize Population ($10.5 billion)
  • Prevent Acid Rain ($8 billion)
  • Provide Clean, Safe Energy ($50 billion)
  • Stop Ozone Depletion ($5 billion)
  • Prevent Soil Erosion ($24 billion)
  • Retire Debt 3rd World Nations ($30 billion)

Figures are from the World Game Institute, based on an annual budget with a 10-year period needed to achieve complete success.

Only $217.5 billion would eliminate man’s devastating problems. Subtracting $217.5 billion from the US defense budget of $399 billion would still leave $181.5 billion for defense. This far exceeds Russia who has the second highest defense budget–$65 billion.

Remember the Abrahamic promise. “In thee and thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 22:18. In Galatians 3:16 the Apostle Paul identifies Jesus as this “seed.” Jesus’ death is the sole basis for salvation. In vss. 26-29 Paul reveals an incredible promise. The Church being one in Christ will, as part of the “seed,” bless all mankind. What a hope—fulfilled when Christ reigns with his Church in the Millennium. Revelation 20:6.

End-time prophecies speak of a great increase of knowledge. Daniel 12:1,4. The Lord seems to be saying to Christian nations like the US—I have given you the technical know-how to alleviate the problems of the world. What are you doing about it? No matter how noble, Christian and political leaders are flawed by human frailties. They are unable to arise above vested interests. Still most of us would rather live in the US than any other nation. But, Isaiah 18:3-6 predicts the destruction of the nations.

Yes, all nations “shall be devoured with the [symbolic] fire of his[God’s] jealousy [zeal for moral perfection].” After the removal of these imperfect governments, the people are still here. Then the people will be taught “a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.” Zephaniah 3:8,9; John 5:28,29.

Isaiah 18:7 ends with this thrilling climax! The “trodden down” of verse 2 are exalted into the presence of the Heavenly Father. Then the glorified church together with Christ as “mount Zion,” the government of God’s kingdom, will reign as kings and priests offering eternal peace, happiness and the “water of life” to “whosoever will.” Revelation 22:16.