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The Saudi and Gulf State Funded Wahhabi Worldwide Mass Murder and Missionary Movement
("Islamic Fundamentalism")

The Wahhabi religion was founded by Muhammad Ibn 'Abdi-l-Wahhab (1703-92) in Arabia. He was excommunicated from Islam by the Sunni spiritual leaders of his day.

Muhammad Ibn 'Abdi'-l-Wahhab daughter married Abdul Aziz, son of Muhammad bin Saud, leader of the al-Saud tribe, in 1744. Muhammad bin Saud adopted Wahhabism as the religion for his al-Saud tribe, which lived in the eastern Arabian province of Najd.

From 1924-1926 the Wahhabi Saud Tribe conquered the western Arabian province of Hejaz with its Holy Cities of Islam Mecca and Medina from Sherif Hussein, the Bani HaShem (Hashemite) dynasty.  The Bani HaShem (Hashemites) were direct descendents of Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, and the traditional guardians of Mecca and Medina.

[Hussein, the Sherif of Mecca and Medina, signed an agreement with Chaim Weizmann that the Jewish people could have Palestine for a Jewish State. The Wahhabi Saud Tribe was bitterly opposed to a Jewish State.]

On September 18, 1932, "King" Abdul Aziz bin Saud, proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism, the religion of the Saud tribe, became the official state religion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since the 1960s, the Wahhabi Saud have been building up their religious networks in North America and Europe through active missionary activities among local host populations. Thousands upon thousands of people from North America and Europe have converted to Wahhabism and are prepared to commit mass murder in the name of this religion.

Wahhabis fear neither torture nor death.  On the contrary, Wahhabis rejoice in death, suicide and mass murder.  Death is no deterrent for those who want to die. Wahhabism is an evil, demonic, satanic religion. Wahhabis cannot be bought with bribes or material goodies, of  the kind that Western power holders ("elites") are accustomed to bestowing on Third World puppets.

The goal of the Wahhabisis is world domination through mass conversion or mass extermination.

Wahhabis only provide non-Wahhabis with two alternatives:  conversion or death.

Most "Islamic" mosques, community centers and organizations in North America and Europe are in fact Saudi and Gulf State funded Wahhabi mosques, community centers and organizations.  These have been well prepared for decades to serve as the launching pads for coming mass murder attacks in North America and Europe.

Wahhabi money flows through most Middle East studies departments at academic institutions in North America and Europe. Wahhabi money flows through a good deal of the Western press, such as Cable Network News, which would be better renamed Saudi Network News.

Al-Qaida is only one of many of Wahhabi Saud mass murder networks. Osama bin Laden, a member of the bin Laden family nicknamed the "Rockefellers of Arabia", is a Wahhabi.  Though Osama bin Laden's training camps were conveniently placed in far away Afghanistan bin Laden's money sat and sits in Saudi banks, with the full knowledge and approval of the Saud ruling family. 

The Saud and Gulf State ruling families, along with states such as Iraq and Iran (it does not matter in this case that Iran is Shiite and the sponsored groups are Wahhabi sponsorship of mass murder is very ecumenical), compete to finance the many of Wahhabi mass murder


Copied from ROOT & BRANCH ASSOCIATION [www.rb.org.il]