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Number One

Communiqué #1

President Bush Has Declared War

In addition to overseas military deployment, the war on terrorism might require a large home defense army to secure the infrastructure of the US—bridges, office buildings, oil refineries, communications, airports, etc.

Washington speaks of a protracted war of 5 to 10 years. Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld said, "No draft now, but . . ."  Probably the draft will not be activated, but all 19 and 20 year-olds must be prepared for the possibility.  Why? Twenty-year-olds will be the first called up in a future draft. Conscientious Objectors will face an impossible time bind unless they prepare ahead of time. At this point only males would be Involved.

Shortly after receiving a 1A Classification and an induction notice for military service, all conscientious objectors will have about 9 days to answer the questions on SSS Form 22—the C.O. Questionnaire. These questions are so probing that you will want prayerful quiet time before the 9-day period to think out and then put your thoughts on paper. Also there is the matter of acquiring sincerity letters from Elders and others in time to return with the SSS Form 22.

In previous drafts we have found one of the most effective methods of proving one's sincerity was obtaining five letters from Elders in different parts of the country that know you and will vouch for your sincerity. This correctly gives the impression that you are active with Bible Students on a much wider level than your home area.

I had many meetings with General Lewis B. Hershey, who was considered the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln of Selective Service. Upon his retirement, he wrote a personal letter commending the Bible Students and our cordial relationship.

I would like to write a letter concerning your sincerity, which would include a quote from General Hershey. For those I do not know personally I could talk to you on the phone before writing the letter.

We want to especially make contact with all 19 and 20-year-olds. We will work with you every step of the classification process—giving suggestions, but the conviction and words will be yours. Please email Christian Classics.

Of course, those 19 years of age will be eligible the month they turn twenty. If the 20-year age pool is exhausted, each age group 21-25 will be called in that sequence. This seems highly unlikely at this point.

Whether consecrated or not, if you are a religious conscientious objector to war and have not done so, write a letter stating this fact with a short general statement and email to: Christian Classics

Also send a copy of your letter to the secretary of your class. It should be filed as a permanent record. The earlier you write this letter before the draft begins the more weigh it will carry. A copy of this letter will be valuable during your C.O. Classification process.

The purpose of our committee in this series of communiqués is to provide as much practical information and advice to our young people at this time as possible. Much of this advice was gleaned from counseling during the last three times a Selective Service draft was operative. We hope that this information is helpful, but we recommend you actually work with the committee you feel most comfortable.

If you are not certain about conscientious objection and would like to discuss the matter, feel free to email Christian Classics. Whatever you say will be held in strict confidence.