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Number Two

The Basics of Registration Are Not Being Followed.

Registration provides a unique opportunity to go on record with Selective Service that one is a religious Conscientious Objector. Many are not following the correct procedure to accomplish this.

First the law.

All male citizens 18 years old must register 30 days before or within 30 days after their 18th birthday. A few have neglected to register. Don't worry. All who failed to register at age 18 must register before age 26. There will be no penalty. 

All who are not citizens of the United States please note! Non-citizen males, 18 years old and older, who do not have a student's or visitor's visa and are not part of a diplomatic or trade mission, who take up residency in the United States, must register up to and through the age of 25. If your student's or visitor's visa terminates and you are over 18 but under 26, you must register. If you entered the U.S. when you were older than 18 but under 26 and do not have a student's or visitor's visa, you must register. This includes illegal aliens.

How a Conscientious Objector Should Register.

We urge that all follow the steps outlined to go on record with Selective Service that you are a religious Conscientious Objector long before a draft begins. 1.Do not register by phone or Internet. 2.Go to a post office that has a copy machine. 3.Ask the clerk for a Selective Service Registration Form. 4.Fill out the form. 5.Print in the margins or between the printed lines, "I am a religious Conscientious Objector to participation in war.." 6.Sign the Form. (This statement means nothing by itself since Selective Service puts the information they want from this form into their computer database and destroys this registration form.) 7.Make a copy of it and mail the form to Selective Service. 8.Save the copy.

Your copy is of little value
unless you follow our next procedure.

1. Selective Service will then send you Information Form 3 or 3A or 3B. Disregard their purpose of the form.

2. Write on Form 3 that you requested  that Selective Service give you a Conscientious Objector's classification. 3.Sign it and write the date on the form. 4.Make a copy and Save the copy. 5.Place the original form in an envelope and mail it back to Selective Service, registered mail, receipt requested.

Congratulations. With the date on your copy of Form 3 and the date on your returned receipt you will have documented evidence you were on record with Selective Service that you were a Conscientious Objector long before a draft.  6.Save both (your copy of form 3 and the returned receipt).

Start a personal Selective Service file and insert these documents. Keep them as permanent records to be used later when a draft begins. Our next communiqué will deal with what happens when a draft begins.

      "Deal courageously and the Lord will be with the good."
       2 Chronicles 19:11